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The Waldo Chronicles

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

We're blessed to have good, old friends (or old, good friends, which somehow doesn't sound as good).  I've known most of mine since grade school, we still live in the SF Bay Area and get together regularly. During our late twenties, pretty much everybody (except Jack and me) started having kids and it was great. [...]

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Waldo Adopts Us

After my dad chose Waldo, we had to wait seven long weeks until he could come home with us. During that time we visited every pet supply store within a 100-mile radius and bought:3 variously sized crates with pillows3 beds (bedroom, living room, warehouse)50 chew toys50 plush toysCartloads and cartloads of other pet products marketed [...]

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My Puppy Has A Harvard MBA

In deciding on dog breed, we were limited by my allergies to basically everything, including dog hair, belly button lint and United Airlines cooties that make me break out in hives even (especially) over the phone. My dad, a veterinarian, suggested a Labradoodle, also knowing that we needed a breed that would be unconditionally loving [...]

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Puppy Perfection

When we decided to get a dog Jack went to the bookstore, bought all the puppy books and suggested I read them. Having watched “All Creatures Great and Small” I didn’t need any help and instead got to work crafting exquisite puppy toys from vintage French upholstery fabrics.Then I happened to glance at a few [...]

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Waldo Returns

Our 2 year old Labradoodle Waldo, AKA The Dog Most Likely To Be Reincarnated As A Dinner Gong, used to be for sale on our old website. Value-priced at $1,000,000, we didn't have any takers, maybe because he requires a specialist-prescribed hypoallergenic kangaroo diet due to itching, which we first thought was fleas. Those came [...]

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