More Than This

More Than This

Jul 7th 2015

A number of you have emailed, wondering why I’m writing about my dog instead of grooming or aromatherapy. It’s possible this question has to do with the fact that we sell grooming and aromatherapy products.

To be perfectly frank, I love Waldo more than personal grooming and if you were to look at me you would immediately notice the truth of this statement. I’m pretty far from a product junkie; the only time I use non-Nancy Boy products is when testing competitive brands and pretty much hate doing it because of a severe allergy to artificial fragrance.

The part of my job I enjoy the most is working with essential oils to create our custom scent blends. I began cooking at a young age (My mom’s favorite cookbook was Peg Bracken’s “The I Hate To Cook Book”) and discovered that creating product prototypes involves the application of the same principles. On a sad note, there is no cookie batter to hoover at the conclusion of the process. It is embarrassing to confess that I have made quite a number of batter batches that never saw the merest hint of oven flame.

From time to time I’ll be sprinkling some non-Waldo posts into the mix. Of course we think that his every tail twitch is worthy of towering Tolstoyan prose but I’m no Tolstoy and Waldo doesn’t look a thing like Anna Karenina.