Why Buy From Us?

No Fancy Marketing

Built by word-of-mouth.

Big brands spend more on marketing than what goes in the bottle. We spend on ingredients instead. 

Without fancy marketing we simply have to be better. Proof? 18 years of satisfied customers. 

No Middleman

Savings passed to you.

Brands like Clinique (owned by Estee Lauder), Kiehls (L'Oreal) and Art of Shaving (Procter & Gamble) are marked up by as much as 500% by the time you buy them. We sell directly to our customers who pay for what's actually in the bottle, not markup.

No Corner-Cutting

Job #1 is pleasing you.

Unlike our competitors who sometimes have to scrimp to satisfy Wall Street's ongoing need for better quarterly results, we're not publicly- traded. We're free to spend what it takes to provide best-in-class products and customer service.