Our Story


From a lavender garden, Nancy Boy launched 19 years ago with 5 essential oil-based hair and skin products. Today we sell more than 100 products across a range of natural product categories. 

We make better products than corporations like Estee Lauder and charge less for them. We turned the beauty business model on its head by:

-No fancy advertising. Big brands spend more on advertising than what goes in the bottle. We spend on ingredients, not big ad campaigns.

-Cutting out the middleman. Brands like Clinique (owned by Estee Lauder), Kiehls (L'Oreal) and Art of Shaving (Procter & Gamble) are marked up by as much as 500% by the time you buy them. We sell directly to our customers who pay for what's actually in the bottle, not markup.

-Remaining privately held. We report to our customers, not stockholders. This means that unlike our competition, we don't have to cut product costs to satisfy Wall Street.

Relying solely on word-of-mouth for growth means we have to be better. Proof? 19 years of satisfied customers.