Toning Face Mask

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Toning Face Mask

Our face masks work. What does that mean? If you apply a mask, take the time to let it dry, then rinse it off, your facial skin will look more glowing, youthful and less puffy. This effect will last for only 4 - 6  hours (we're being honest here) so we recommend using masks before special occasions (high school reunions!) when you want to look and feel your best.

  • Tones oilier skin, leaving the face glowing, refreshed and more youthful looking
  • Bentonite clay’s negative ionic charge pulls positively-charged dirt and toxins
  • Very tingly during the mask’s active phase (first five minutes of application)
  • Department store brands are 3x more expensive with less premium ingredients
  • Normal to oilier skin types


Bentonite clay, rice bran, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, distilled water, sea kelp, rosehip, neem leaf, vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract, phenoxyethanol, natural essential oils.