Soothing After-Sun Balm

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Soothing After-Sun Balm

We all go to the dermatologist, nod emphatically re: "no sun exposure" then don't reapply SPF after swimming because there was something better to do like read old issues of Cosmpolitan and that's why we made this. It's a winner. 

  • Really works to soothe and heal sunburned skin
  • Based in traditional healing herbs and salves
  • Re-hydrates skin; recommended for use after any sun exposure
  • Tested & endorsed by California surfers


Aloe, glycerine, walnut, wheat germ, hemp seed, evening primrose, sesame, kukui nut and calendula oils, propylene glycol, apple cider vinegar, lemon eucalyptus, seabuckthorn, yarrow, chamomile, white willow bark, comfrey and red raspberry essential oils, phenoxyethanol.