Dryer Scent Kit

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Dryer Scent Kit

Add light natural scent to your laundry with these organic woolen dryer balls from New Zealand and our custom essential oil blends.

  • Naturally fresh laundry
  • No dryer sheet chemicals or harsh artificial fragrance
  • Wool balls make laundry softer and fluffier while cutting drying time, static & lint
  • Signature, Lavender-Geranium & Lemon Verbena scent options
  • Note that Signature & Lavender Geranium scents are very light; Lemon Verbena is stronger
  • Also please note the essential oil bottle must be stored upright; otherwise the oil will dissolve the rubber dropper. You can store it on its side with the other (screw-on) cap that is included.
  • Includes 3 wool balls and 1 oz essential oil with dropper and instructions