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Conditioner-Travel Size
Conditioner-Travel Size
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Conditioner-Travel Size

  • 2 ounce size
  • Great for travel or guest bath
  • Or try out our conditioner without committing to the full-size

Nothin' like travel to make your hair look like bird's nest soup. We think it's because hair gets used to a certain environment (yours) and then gets all bent out of shape when you change it up, not to mention the overall nastiness of the airplane experience. Mostly it has to do with humidity. Like we always say, it's not the heat, it's the humidity.

So don't think you can skip out on conditioning when you're on the road. Your hair will take it out on you and look like Phyllis Diller when you're at the big client dinner.

2 ounces

"I've tried it all, this is #1." ~ Elizabeth I. Harwich MA

"My husband's FAVORITE shave cream of all time! You make wonderful products!!" ~ Joy S. Hendersonville NC

Thank you! You make me happy and good-smelling! ~ Sara L. Seattle WA

I am _____'s grief therapist and he brought your candles into my office. All my clients love them. The scent seems to provide additional comfort. Thank you! ~ E.R. Evanston IL

The shave cream is incredible, the best I've ever used and since I'm somewhat of a product junkie, I'm qualified to make that remark. ~ R.B. St Croix Falls WI

I've tried them all-your NB Shave Cream is the best by a mile. You guys treat people like family and you have a cool sense of humor and fun doing it! Well done guys. Customer for life. ~ Dennis S, Sterling CO

I have the softest lips in Marin County thanks to you guys!!!! ~ R.D. Sausalito CA

Your Ultramarine night cream is hands down the best facial care product I've ever used. I went from having Joan Crawford's naugahyde skin to now being a dead ringer for a youthful Audrey Hepburn! ~ J.P. Santa Fe NM

And if I didn't have you I couldn't be known for my famous phrase, All my men are Nancy Boys!" It's true!With all 3 of my last boyfriends I have showered them luxuriously with Nancy Boy toiletries, just to make sure they know there is a standard to maintain." ~ Genevieve G, Chicago IL

You are the reason I do not have crow's feet! ~ R.L. Saint Helena, CA

You lured me and my husband into your store with some enticing aroma when we were in the City for our first wedding anniversary, 5 years ago. We've been fans ever since. We love your products and we love your monthly emails. ~ Catherine W. Fresno CA

THANK YOU for being in business! I have been buying products from you all since 2006 and I would be lost without your laundry soap, shower gel, lotions and more. And I love the emails - hilarious, informative and unique. ~ Rebecca M. Minneapolis MN

I think my boyfriend has tried every shaving cream on the entire planet before deciding that yours was the best one available. I wish he had found this one earlier! I love knowing that I can get him a stocking stuffer that is a) useful and b) something he really wants more of! Thanks! ~ N.C. Woodbridge VA

I've traveled and lived all over, and this is the BEST shaving medium ever! ~ Matthew S. Brookline MA

All I wanted was shaving creme, and now $100 dollars later, I have 10 things in my basket along with some super duper wrinkle cream. I am not sure I even have wrinkles. So, do you have any stickers for my snowboard? ~ Paul B. Fairfax VA

Nancy Boy I love you!! ~ Alice T. El Cerrito CA

Your deodorants are incredible. Finally, something natural that works. Me, my colleagues and most especially my wife thank you. ~ Bryce D. New York, NY

Your products are the Absolute Best." Ounce for Ounce nothing out on the market can hold a candle to Nancy Boy!" ~ Mike M. Richfield MN

Thank you! LOVE your products. Best shave cream and aftershave I have EVER used. ~ JC M. Vail, AZ

My brother let me try these products, they are the best yet. ~ Michael P. Brooklyn NY

You guys rock! ~ Jesse P. Somerville MA

Very pleased with everything I've used. ~ Nena W. Groton NY

These will be my groomsmen gifts for my wedding next Saturday! Thanks so much for making great products and backing them up with terrific customer service. I'll be back for more - often. Peace! ~ Philip T. Charlotte NC

I will probably tweet about my order excitement, because that's what one does, these days. ~ Kristine S. Chicago IL


I have never worn cologne until I found your body sprays. Now everyone says how great I smell. I wonder what they thought before. ~ Rob P. Houston TX

You were right about Butch, now I'm addicted. So how about lowering the price already? ~ Thomas T. Piscataway, NJ

I am so grateful to have found your products, they are the best skincare products! ~ Yolanda L. Sylmar CA

Thank you so much for re-introducing international shipping! I've sorely missed your wonderful products. ~ John G-J. London

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! the conditioner is the Greatest Hair Product Ever. I can't believe how great the conditioner is. Ggggggggggggooooooooolllllllllddddddddddd!!! ~ Thomas K. Philadelphia PA

Love everything you make!! ~ Kate W. East Haddam CT

i'm hooked on your products!! i love how when i iron my clothes i can smell the essential oils from your laundry soap!!! ~ Suzanne B. Gold River CA

I love you Nancy Boy and everything you offer! ~ Jose L. Harlingen TX

Just thought I would say that I can't wait to get back from Afganistan and start using my favorite products again! You guys are awesome! ~ Aaron T. US Army

Thanks guys. Love your stuff! But don't call me Nancy. Ok fine, call me Nancy. ~ Michael A. Baltimore MD

Thank you so much! Looking forward to my second set of Nancy boy Items: I love all the products I have purchased so far! ~ Rupal P. Wilmington DE

"Since moving to LA (my gosh!) I've had extra pimples to quash I blame the pollution But found a solution In Nancy Boy's Toner and Wash. ~ Marin C. Los Angeles CA"

I've used the sweetgrass soap for a few weeks, it lathers beautifully and smells so good. It's definitely worth the price, and the huge bar lasts a long time. ~ Rebecca H. Dublin CA

Nancy Boy, a Bay Area local business founded by two guys, is something everyone on earth should experience, even if you think you have no interest in skin care products. Trust me; I had no interest in them until I started using their products. ~ Manabu M. San Francisco CA

I have used many other brands of shaving products, but I have never been happier than with Nancy Boy. ~ David S. Denver CO

These guys get it" - they know how to take care of the customer, even when the customer is located 2,200 miles away. It doesn't hurt that their products are absolutely top notch as well. I've never found a better facial moisturizer, nor have I found a better bar of soap. In fact, every single product I've used has been absolutely amazing - even the laundry soap." ~ Steve L. Madison WI

Nancy Boy offers the best boutique skin and hair products, hands down! ~ Muenster T. Atlanta GA

Love these products!! From the laundry detergent to the invigorating body wash. The scents are amazing and the products really do work as well as everyone says. ~ Mike M. San Francisco CA

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